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Upcoming Events

Edmonton Startup Week

We start with a quick introduction to the group and a recap of our submissions to international neurotechnology competitions since our founding in February of 2019. Then we dive deep into the specifics of our current "RemBRAINdt" project (Finalists for the Russian Neurotech Cup 2020) and how we are leveraging this project as our group's first foray into entrepreneurship developing a highly customizable and easy-to-use interface for real-time generation of visual art from live brain signals, for use in private and public events. On October 10th, we won a People's Choice Award at NeuroTech Cup 2020 at the BCI Samara Conference in Russia!

When: Friday October 23, 2020 11:30am - 12:00pm MDT

Where: Virtual!

Weekly Events


If you want to learn programming in a fun, interactive environment and learn at your own pace, this is the event for you! We will cover python right from the very basics to some of the more complex things we use on the project team, while intertwining introductory neurotech for that added spice! There will be a $20 fee which covers all workshops, which means it will only cost you $2/workshop! The workshop fee is not intended as a barrier of entry, so please email us at if this fee is a barrier and we can work something out. You may be excited to know that this semester, we are introducing some exclusive NAT prizes for those who regularly attend the workshop! (Restricted to current UofA students)
4+ Attendances: NAT Sticker
6+ Attendances: NAT Pen
8+ Attendances: NAT T-shirt OR Mask OR Mug OR Water Bottle and a University of NAT diploma (workshop specialization)
Please send all etransfers to and be sure to immediately send an email to letting us know you sent the payment!

When: Saturday 3pm-4pm, Every Week! Check out the Curriculum!

Where: Remote! You will be emailed a link when you RSVP.

Hack Night

Do you wanna put some of your comp/neuro sci knowledge to the test, challenge yourself, and possibly even help out the project team? Come out to our hack night to see what you can do! During Hack Nights we attempt to work on a "mini-project" based on some brain-computer interface technology! Creativity is king and anyone who is ready to take on the challenge of a low-commitment super fun project is welcome!

Make sure to bring a laptop!

When: Saturday 4pm-5pm, Every Week!

Where: Remote! You will be emailed a link when you RSVP.

What is Neur­Alberta­Tech?

We are a Student Club at the University of Alberta in association with NeuroTechX which promotes development and education in the neurotechnology space. Our goal is to create an environment to facilitate neurotechnological innovations for undergraduate students here at the University of Alberta, foster skills through workshops and mentorship, and build a competent team to compete in the annual NeuroTechX Student Club Competitions!

Last Project

Alpha Blaster

Alpha Blaster is a proof of concept 2D tower defense game controlled entirely by your brain activity. Our game recieved a 5th place award in NeuroTechX's Open Competition 2019!

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