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NTX Open Competition 2020

As the deadline for NTX's open competition 2020 nears, we will be updating more information about this project! Join the newsletter to keep up to date with our progress on the project!


Russian NeuroTech Cup 2020

Despite the reality of COVID-19, in just a few summer months we remotely developed and submitted an art-generating BCI program (utilizing our new 16-channel OpenBCI) to the Russia-hosted Neurotech Cup 2020 and secured a position as finalists! On October 10th, 2020 we were awarded a People’s Choice Award!

RemBRAINdt Project Team
Eden Redman Shane Eaton Quintin Hansen Jiyeon Seo David Lam Matthew Danyluk
Team Lead UI/UX Lead Machine Learning Engineer Game Developer Junior Programmer Junior Data Analyst

Alpha Blaster

NTX Open Competition 2019

Alpha Blaster is a proof of concept 2D tower defense game controlled entirely by your brain activity. Our game recieved a 5th place award in NeuroTechX's Open Competition 2019!

Check out our media coverage:

2019 Project Team
Zach Selk Eden Redman Brandon Best Ryan Kang Cameron Hildebrandt David Lam Abdel Tayem Matthew Danyluk Vidusha Tewari Jenn Burrell Nicole Wlasitz
Software Software Software Software Software Research Research Research Research Research Research