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Sign up now to participate in natHACKS, Alberta’s inaugural brain-computer interface hackathon. This is a completely remote hackathon with thousands of dollars in prizes available! natHACKS will be an event like no other, inspiring beginners to develop practical neurotech skills and challenging competent hackers to apply themselves in this growing and exciting field. Spanning two weeks and culminating in a 64-hour hackathon weekend, the event will combine workshops, challenges, and networking opportunities for anyone interested in neurotechnology. With three different streams and separate judging criteria based on experience level, we’re thrilled to allow neurotech enthusiasts to get their hands dirty in a diverse selection of projects.

Begins: July 30th 5:00PM MDT
Ends: August 2nd 10:00AM MDT

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NeurAlbertaTech is now a non-profit organization!

NeurAlbertaTech Neurotechnologies Ltd. will continue to handle all of the day-to-day operations, events, communications, and special project teams. Student chapters at the UofA and UofC will handle special project teams and social events. If you are a student at the UofA or UofC, please join our NAT Student Chapters for additional opportunities to get involved! More information coming soon.

What is Neur­Alberta­Tech?

We are Alberta's premier neurotechnology innovator network, we specifically aim to promote development and education in the space of brain-computer interfaces. The purpose of our group is to build a worldwide community that facilitates neurotechnological innovations through initiating and supporting crosss-faculty, cross-instituional collaborations, through fostering skills through workshops and mentorship, and through hosting several competent teams to compete in international neurotechnology competitions!

Last Project: NTX Open Competition 2020

A drone controlled entirely by your brain waves! Not only is this an incredibly fun project, but this is also a potentially incredibly powerful creation. In reality, over the past few months, we have built a general purpose BCI controller that can be connected to whatever we want! We chose to connect it to a drone to show it's power in an entertaining way, though, this can be connected to anything from games to wheelchairs to rudamentary speech tools to allow for a new method of control that enables people to meaningfully interact with the world, regardless of motor ability. Tap on "View Project" to learn more!