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A FREE virtual chat session hosted by NeurAlbertaTech. NAT Chat: Innovation in Neurotech is an accessible networking and speaker series focused on neurotechnology where we invite leaders across the field who will be presenting on their innovative solutions in the health sciences and consumer domains. At this event you will have the chance to win some exclusive NAT swag and more importantly, you will have the chance to build your network and expand your professional reach.

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Upcoming Chats

Nat Chat:
January 20th
5pm-7pm MST

Keynote: Mikhail Lebedev

Scientific Head at National Research University — Higher School of Economics
Mikhail works in the fields of Neurophysiology and Brain-Computer Interfaces. He has more than 100 publications. He has a MS degree in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1986) and a PhD degree in Neurobiology from the University of Tennessee, Memphis. In 1986-1991, Lebedev conducted research on motor control in Victor Gurfinkel's laboratory at the Institute for Problems of Information Transmission. In 1991-1995, during his stay in Memphis, he investigated single-unit activity in the somatosensory cortex and basal ganglia of awake, behaving primates. In 1995-1995, Lebedev conducted research at SISSA, Trieste, Italy, where he examined plasticity in rat somatosensory cortex. In 1997-2002, Lebedev worked at NIMH, Bethesda, Maryland.

Andreas Forsland

Founder and CEO of Cognixion
Cognixion has been internationally recognized for its innovation and use of exponential technologies to solve a social and healthcare global challenge - affecting the lives of 509 million people* affected by speech disabilities. Cognixion has won the prestigious Roddenberry Prize, the Gold Edison Award for Social Impact, the Global Elevate Award and the Singularity University Global Grand Challenge for Education for its potential to impact over a billion lives.

Cayden Pierce

BCI Lead at Blueberry
Cayden Pierce develops wearable computers and BCI to help people upgrade their thinking. He's the BCI Lead at Blueberry, building BCI glasses to help users upgrade their output by making better work, break, and rest decisions throughout the day.

Jacob Flood

Founder and CEO of Eno
Visit my LinkedIn for more information!

Joseph Artuso

Director Of Marketing & Business Development at OpenBCI
Drawing on experience in sales, marketing, and consulting, Joseph is responsible for guiding OpenBCI's commercialization and communication strategies. Prior to joining OpenBCI full-time, Joseph managed OpenBCI's digital marketing as a consultant while working in the US and EMEA at market-leading companies such as Salesforce, AppNexus, and WPP. After returning from living in London, Joseph also briefly coordinated a series of innovative art and music events in NYC. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.

Nat Chat:
February 24th
5pm-7pm MST

Keynote: Mike Ambinder

Principal Experimental Psychologist at Valve
I am an applied psychologist, but I've had contact with a variety of disciplines/skillsets: Cognitive Psychology, Statistical Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Computational Neuroscience, Software Engineering, Games User Research, User Experience Research, Experimental Design, Game Design, Playtesting Methodologies, Usability, Human Factors, Biofeedback, Human-Computer Interaction

Daniel Månsson

CEO and Founder at Flow Neuroscience
Flow Neuroscience - medication-free depression treatment

Tim Mullen

Founder & CEO @ Intheon | Computational Neuroscientist
Founder, CEO & Research Director at San Diego neurotechnology company Intheon, where our team is pioneering the first cloud-scalable platform for advanced biosignal processing, neural state decoding, and brain-computer interfacing -- anytime, anywhere. Learn more at

Ty McKinney

Co-Founder at 8 Bit Cortex
Ty is currently completing his PhD at the University of Utah with a research focus on brain health assessment. Ty is thrilled to be co-founder of 8 Bit Cortex, a mental health tech start up, and adapt his research expertise to creating accessible and affordable mental health services. Ty is also the Research Director for Branch Out Neurological Foundation, a non-profit that accelerates non-pharmaceutical and tech-based solutions to neurological and mental health disorders. Finally, Ty is also a consultant with ConsciousWorks to promote brain health in the workplace. Through these positions, Ty has cultivated project management, research, science communication, programming skills (In order of skill: R, Matlab, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python), and entrepreneurial thinking with an eye for the clinical impact.

Nat Chat:
March 17th
5pm-7pm MDT

Keynote: Ryan Field

Chief Technology Officer at Kernel
Research & Development involving integrated circuit design, sensors, system architecture, firmware, software, and imaging devices for automotive and other LiDAR applications.

Anna Tarasenko

Chief Neuroscientist at BrainPatch
Neuroscience graduate with a strong quantitative background. Adept at analysing and interpreting complex and diverse data. As a leader, I exercise constant self-reflection and open-mindedness.
Fascinated about complex problems, especially the real-life application of science to improve healthcare.

Carolina Aguilar

Business with Impact Executive & Board Advisor. Creator of Winning Teams. Innovation Maker
I’m a learner and a shaper, I like equally strategy and execution and believe on evolution through creativity and de-learning. I really get motivated by big challenges and like to execute in global environments both in emerging and developed markets. I believe in teams and the power of collective thinking. People make companies and is the most important asset of all, a motivated team will conquer the world.

Eli Kinney-Lang

Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Calgary
Experienced postdoctoral researcher focused on driving forward design, development and realization of pediatric brain-computer interfaces (BCI). Skills include biomedical signal processing, multi-way analysis, machine learning, EEG acquisition and analysis, BCI gamification and design.

Pawel Soluch

Founder and CEO of Neuro Device Group S.A.
Founder and CEO of Neuro Device Group S.A., neuropsychologist, consultant at the Department of Neurosurgery, Medical University of Warsaw completing his doctoral dissertation in the field of functional brain research. Scholarship holder of the Foundation for Polish Science. Combines practical medical knowledge with scientific experience, successfully opening new possibilities for applying technology in medicine. Initiator of numerous research and development projects subsidized by the Committee for Scientific Research, the National Center for Research and Development, and the European Union. Author of several dozen scientific posters, lectures, and publications on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and psychophysiology. Pawel's team has received many awards for med-tech innovations. Pawel also serves as a mentor for QuadCover, a German startup operating in computer algorithms.

Why Should You Attend?

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We will be raffling off exciting prizes throughout the chats, such as:
 - NAT merch baskets (shirt, pen, mask, etc.)*
 - NAT workshop subscription for any stream

We will also be raffling off a grand prize EEG brain-computer interface* valued at $200+CAD!
The headset will be raffled off on March 18th, after the last chat of the semester. You will recieve 1 entry for the headset for every chat that you attend and 1 extra entry for every time that you RSVP within the earlybird RSVP period!

* Physical prizes will only be shipped to Canadian addresses. If you reside outside of Canada and win a physical prize, you may trade that in for a workshop subscription.

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Building a network is important! One of the strongesst factors contributing to successful job applications is your network. If you think you want to pursue a career in neurotech, neuroscience, or tech, this is the place to build your network! We bring in as many great minds as we can find from all of the fields we are involved in, and this is your chance to meet them.