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Workshop registration is now closed.
But don't fret! We will be opening registration for the redesigned and refined Fall 2021 workshop series will be opening soon! Be sure to sign up for the NAT newsletter to be one of the first to know when registration opens!

If you want to learn about the stuff we do in a fun, interactive, low-stress environment, this is the event for you! We currently offer four unique 10-session workshop streams (Hardware, Software, Machine Learning, and Neuroscience) that serve as an introduction to each of the key pilars of brain computer interfacing programs.

We encourage you to take multiple workshops if you are interested, neurotech and brain computer interfacing is fundamentally interdisciplanry and building a breadth of knowledge is indespensible!

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This workshop will teach you basic programming, starting with foundational python knowledge and working up to using specific libraries that allow you to work with real brain data! Equipping you with the knowledge to build a brain computer interface from the ground up!

Closed for registration.
For those who are already registered, workshop sessions will start in June, running every Thursday from 7pm-8pm MST.

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This workshop will focus on the basics of hardware development with respect to brain-computer interfaces. How to build your own breadboard/microcontroller EEG system + what to do with the data once you have it. You will get the opportunity to build your own simple EEG system and run some basic live-analysis.

Workshop Full!

Workshop sessions start in June, running every Tuesday from 7pm-8pm MST. We are currently limiting the signups for this workshop to ensure that everything runs smoothly and so that everyone attending has access to quality assistance when needed! Be sure to join our Slack and signup for the newsletter so you are one of the first to know when we open up registration for the Fall semester!

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Machine Learning

This workshop focuses on a hands-on exploration of machine learning in the world of brain-computer interfaces. We will explore why we use ML, some models that we use, and we will even apply these models to real brain data!

Starting in September!
We will be opening registration for Fa21 workshops soon!

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This workshop will explore the basics of neuroscience, but will take the attendees on detailed investigations of complex networks, such as those involved with sleep and consciousness!
We will incorporate a number of hands on activities for modeling brain activity throughout the workshop series.

Starting in September!
We will be opening registration for Fa21 workshops soon!

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Workshop Payment
- Please send all (non-refundable) eTransfers to
- Specify which workshop(s) you are paying for in the eTransfer notes.
- If you are in multiple workshops, please send all in one etransfer.
- Application deadline is May 10th, 2021.

The workshop fee is only in place to allow us to host the highest quality workhops and it is not intended as a barrier of entry, please email us if this fee is a barrier and we can work something out.
We will be offering attendance based NAT merch prizes (Restricted to UofA Students), so be sure to attend as many sessions as you can!


Eden Redman

NAT President, Koalingo Team Lead

Presenting in:  Software, Hardware, Neuroscience
Over the past several years I have worked diligently to forge Edmonton and Alberta-wide communities around biotech & neurotech that span academia, medicine, and industry. From an expertise in neuroscience and programming to my penchant for software and product development I am poised to kickstart any great idea! Join me in making something truly awesome!

Cameron Hildebrandt

NAT VP Software, Brain Drone Team Lead

Presenting in:  Software, Machine Learning
Hey, I’m Cameron and I’m in my third year of a computing science degree at the UofA! In the club, I usually focus on helping with anything that has to do with programming, but I’ll help out with anything that needs getting done. I’m looking forward to our new new workshop series and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

Shane Eaton

Medical Student at UofA, RemBRAINdt GUI Lead

Presenting in:  Software, Machine Learning
I have an MSc in Neuroscience, and I am currently a medical student at the University of Alberta with my sights set on neurosurgery. I have been interested in neurotech for a long time, and my goal is to use neurotech to make cyborgs! NAT offers a lot of opportunities to work with neurotech and meet a variety of people across disciplines.

Araz Minhas

Undergrad Researcher at UofC / Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Presenting in:  Machine Learning
I am a student in the BSc. (Honours) Neuroscience program at the University of Calgary. My research experience involves working in the Computational Neurophysics Lab at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute on projects related to biophysical modelling of large-scale brain networks and machine learning. Additionally, I work as a Teaching Assistant for a third-year undergraduate course on the historical, ethical, and societal aspects of neuroscience (NEUR 421) at the University of Calgary, and as a software developer for 8-Bit Cortex – a recent startup focused on building a platform to provide gamified and personalized solutions for mental health tracking. As someone who is always looking to become more involved in projects situated at the intersection between neuroscience, technology, and society at large, I have recently become a huge fan of NeurAlbertaTech – as it has brought together, and built a remarkable community around, these diverse and fascinating fields.

David Lam
NAT VP Operations and Finance

Presenting in:  Neuroscience
I am in my 4th year of Neuroscience honors. I have helped out and worked for a cognitive neuroscience lab as well as an electrophysiology lab. I have been part of NAT since it started and love the integration of theoretical concepts of neuroscience with the practicality of computer science and machine learning.

Giancarlo Pernudi Segura

UAIS President

Presenting in:  Machine Learning
As the president of Undergraduate Aritificial Intelligence Society, I run both our executive meetings and host our general meetups. I've run workshops before and am excited to collaborate with NAT on these new workshops! I've worked with Eden before and am glad to work with him again.

Matthew Danyluk

NAT VP Internal

Presenting in:  Neuroscience
I'm a fourth year neuroscience student at UAlberta and VP Internal here at NAT. I'm drawn to neurotech and data-driven solutions to problems in neuroscience. My research has focused on using machine learning models to predict memory effects and analyzing the neural oscillations involved in feedback learning, and I've worked with both NAT and outside groups on building novel neurotech projects. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in our workshop series!

Nicole Wlasitz

NAT VP Academic

Presenting in:  Neuroscience
I'm Nicole, your resident neuroscience nerd! I'm the VP Academic of NeurAlbertaTech and help organize the workshops. I love NeurAlbertaTech (NAT) because of its interdisciplinary nature and the opportunities it gives students and professionals to network, collaborate and learn. I'm looking forward to teaching some lessons in the neuroscience workshop series and getting to know you all!

Paul Saunders

UAIS Vice President

Presenting in:   Machine Learning
I am a third year computing science student at the University of Alberta who is interested in all things AI. The field of neuroscience is one that has massive potential to be assisted by AI through diagnosis, treatment, or any other techniques. I'm excited to help out NAT through their AI workshops, and I look forward to inspiring the next generation of AI geniuses!

Quintin Hansen

VP External, RemBRAINdt ML Lead

Presenting in:  Software
My name is Quintin and I'm in my 4th year of BSc Psych and Cmput double major, I'm a part of the NAT team as VP External, and I also help out ML/Neuroscience lab here on campus. I've been programming in python for a few years mostly self learning data analysis and deep learning in addition to my cmput courses. I've also gained experience in analyzing eeg data, multiprocessing, and handling live data streams through the NAT RemBraindt project this summer. Because of NAT's beginner friendly supportive learning environment I went from being a total beginner in neurotech to making large contributions to our project, I'm excited to help you guys get the same learning opportunities!

Randy Palamar

Electrical Engineering Student at UofA

Presenting in:  Hardware
Hi, I'm Randy, a 3rd year Electrical Engineering Co-Op Student. I love snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and tinkering with electronics. The reason I came to university was to find a way into doing research around interfacing with prosthetics so going forward I am super excited to be a part of NAT.